MEGIN - Admission

The Program is designed to train Spanish and foreign postgraduates seeking to focus their professional and/or research career on the field of technological innovation. Applicants must hold a Degree of Higher Engineer or Bachelor in Economics or Business Administration and Management. In addition, applicants should have appropriate academic/professional records and a high level of proficiency in English.

In the case of foreign students whose mother tongue is not Spanish accreditation of a high level of proficiency is required.

The admission process will be responsibility of the Academic Committee, formed by the respective leaders of the Program in each University (UCM, UAM and UPM). The Committee will evaluate recognition requests from credits taken outside the Program, being the University Competent Authority on the matter who will pass the validation.

Los criterios de valoración de los méritos y la ponderación dada a cada uno de ellos es la siguiente:

  • Universidad de origen (20%)
  • Expediente académico (40%)
  • Nivel acreditado de idiomas: inglés (10%). Para el caso de alumnos extranjeros, la acreditación del idioma español es un criterio excluyente.
  • Otros méritos académicos (10%)
  • Otros méritos profesionales (5%)
  • Carta de motivación (15%)

The number of new admissions is thirty six, twelve by each of the universities involved.

For supporting enrolled students, at the beginning of the academic year, a Master’s kickoff is held. In addition, upon admission each student is assigned a tutor who will assist them with potential issues, guide them through the different courses, internships in companies, complementary activities, etc. Furthermore, there is a plan for student placement in the involved research groups and a plan to assign Master's Thesis to students. Finally, a Presentation Day is held for the students to present their thesis.

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