MEGIN - Pre-enrollment

Pre-enrollment can be done in any of the universities involved in the program. Students willing to access the program must send their documents to the chosen university, following the guidelines below. It is important to be aware that admission periods will vary depending upon the university.

Applications can only be submitted to one of the three universities offering the Program. Should it be detected that a student has applied for admission to more than one university all the applications will be rejected immediately.

The following documents must be submitted:

  • Photocopy of Academic Degrees
  • Photocopy of Academic Record (certified copies of transcripts and mark sheets)
  • Proof of English proficiency
  • Proof of Proficiency in Spanish as a Foreign Language
  • Curriculum Vitae (recognition of academic and professional awards)
  • Personal Statement (stating the grounds of interest in pursuing the Master’s Degree)

Following you will find information on the admissions process to each of the three universities:

a) Process of Admission to the Program at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Once the period of admission was opened, application to UAM must be on-line completed through next link: On-line application.

It is mandatory to do the on-line application, so the information system of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid can record it. Otherwise, the student will not be admitted as Master applicant.

Admission application Periods: Masters Admission Periods.

For any queries regarding the master’s administration processes (admission, required documentation, costs) please contact with the Centro de Estudios de Posgrado de la UAM: / telf +34 914974110

For any other question regarding the master in the UAM, you may contact with: informació

b) Process of Admission to the Program at Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Applications must be submitted on-line to the Third Cycle and Postgraduate Studies Service. Detailed information on the admissions process can be found in the link:

Dates and time limits for the Admissions Process will be notified in a timely manner. After the on-line application for admission form has been submitted, the registration slip must be printed and the documents listed in this page must be attached. All documents together with the registration slip must be sent or delivered within 10 working days to the Third Cycle and Postgraduate Studies Service (Section of Official Master Programs) in the Students Building at Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Once the deadline for registration has passed, applications will be assessed by the Academic Commission of the Program. A list of students who have been admitted will be published in September.

c) Process of Admission to the Program at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Pre-enrollment to UPM is done on-line via the link: Access to on-line Pre-enrollment.

Submission of an on-line pre-enrolment application is imperative in order to be registered in the data-processing system of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Otherwise, the student cannot be admitted as an applicant to the Master Program.

Enrollment and registration periods: pre-enrollment admissions registration Calendar.

For all information on administrative issues (types of entrance application, required documents, fees) contact Óscar Chana ( 913363281)

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