DEGIN - Admissions

In accordance with Royal Decree 99/2011, Article 6, access to the PhD Program requires to hold an Official Spanish Degree Certificate or equivalent and a University Master’s Degree. Also eligible to access the Program are those students in possession of a degree from a university in Spain or another country member of the EEES who have completed a minimum of 300 ECTS credits in official courses with at least 60 being Master credits. The Program is also accessible to those who have obtained a degree in foreign education systems without the need for homologation. In this case, the University will verify that the certificate obtained guarantees an educational level equivalent to the official Spanish University Master’s certificate and that it provides, in the issuing country, access to PhD studies. Access is also available to those already in possession of a Spanish PhD Certificate obtained under previous university planning.

Because of the particular subject matters dealt with at DEGIN, to have completed the Interuniversity Master in Economics and Innovation Management (MEGIN) previous to accessing the Program, or to have received education highly related to the DEGIN lines of research, is recommended. In case of students coming from different background or when specific research interests happen, Program's steering committee can enforce the attendance of highly specific courses/seminars allowing those students to acquire the requested skills. All these situations will be managed on individual basis by the steering committee.

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