DEGIN - Pre-enrollment

Pre-enrollment can be done in any of the universities involved in the program. The formal process for admission to DEGIN is as follows:

  1. To qualify for admission to the PhD Program, the legal requirements listed under the tab Admission must be met.
  2. Students complying with the said requirements must follow the specific admission procedure and doctorate admission deadlines, according to the guidelines set by each university. These will be:
  3. To get registered as a user on the University online sytem, as requests for admission to Doctorate Programmes are processed exclusively online. Please find here further instructions: UAM - UCM - UPM.
  4. Then, the following documents shall be uploaded to the online platform:
    1. Updated Currículum Vítae.
    2. Certificate of academic transcript for previous studies (both Degree and Master's Degree).
    3. A letter (maximum 1500 words) explaining the motivation for applying for admission.
    4. Certificates to accredit proficiency in English, and in Spanish for students whose first language is not Spanish.
  5. For admission, candidates must obtain an evaluation of at least 80 points out of 100, according to the following evaluation criteria:
    1. Academic Record. Affinity to the recommended profile and previous studies taken (up to 30 points) and average grade of both Degre and Master's Degree (up to 15 points, each).
    2. Currículum Vítae. Research and teaching activities will be positively evaluated, as well as professional experience of the candidate (up to 15 points).
    3. Letter of Motivation, which would reflect the reason that explain why is applying for admission to this Doctorate's Degree Programme, as well as the subject and the research line preferred (up to 15 points).
    4. English proficiency. Knowledge of English up to B2 Level or higher, according to specifications by the Council of Europe (up to 10 points). In case the candidate could not ascertain his/her English level through a certificate, an interview in English could be conducted with a person assigned by the Academic Commission for this purpose.
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