DEGIN - Research Lines

Research lines by professors:

  • Isabel Álvarez: Internationalization of Technological Change.
  • Antonio Hidalgo: Technological Innovation, Technology Transfer, Industrial Policy, Industrial Property.
  • Gonzalo León: R&D Policies, Technology and Innovation Policies.
  • José Molero: Internationalization and Technical Change, Technical Change and Competitiveness in the Services Sector.
  • Patricio Morcillo: Management of Innovation in Businesses.
  • Joaquín Ordieres: Business Intelligence, System Management, Competences in Project Management.
  • Paloma Sánchez: Knowledge Economy, Intangible Assets and Intellectual Capital, Indicators of the National Innovation System.
  • Antonio Vázquez Barquero: Spatial Organisation of Productive Systems, Innovation Economy and Regional Development Politics.
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