Electronic Working Papers

The MEGIN- DEGIN Electronic Working Papers is a series of documents in digital format seeking to disseminate academic and business results in the fields of Science, Technology and Innovation.

This activity is primarily intended for graduates, students and professors of the Official Postgraduate Program in ‘Economics and Innovation Management” offered jointly by Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Nevertheless, access to publication is open to anyone demonstrating interest in the topic and providing academic rigor.

Anyone interested in publishing a paper in the MEGIN- DEGIN Electronic Working Papers section must submit an original manuscript to the address jm.natera@pdi.ucm.es. Once the paper is received, within no more than two months, the Academic Commission of the Program will give its opinion and, where relevant, recommendations to guarantee the quality of the publication.

The language of publication can be either Spanish or English, depending on the author’s preference. The format required for papers presentation must be considered.

The document containing the guidelines for submission of MEGIN-DEGIN Electronic Working Papers can be downloaded from the following link: MEGIN-DEGIN WorkingPaperGuidelines.doc

Electronic Working Paper 2012

Electronic Working Paper 2013

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