Partner institutions


Both MEGIN and DEGIN are part of international networks, including the ESST (European Interuniversity Association on Society, Science and Technology) Association. Students in our Postgraduate Program have access to universities in this network for research stays.

The following are ESST universities offering specialization stays:

  • University of Aalborg
    • Innovation Systems, Social and Ecological Change
  • NKUA/NTUA, Athens
    • Information Technology: Historical to Policy Considerations
    • Philosophy and History of Science and Technology
    • Sociality and materiality at a National Level
    • Gender and the physical sciences
  • Linköping University
    • Social perspectives on Technological Risk
    • Science, Technology and Gender
  • Université catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve
    • Biotechnology, biodiversity, expertise and governance
  • University of Lund
    • Science, Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Time and Space
    • Innovation and Economic Development in the New Europe: Regional, National and Supranational Perspectives
  • Maastricht University
    • Technological Culture
    • Bridging the technological divide
  • University Notre-Dame de la Paix, Namur
    • Sociological and organizational aspects of ICT
      Historical, Philosophical, Ethical and Governance aspects of ICT
  • University of Oslo
    • Globalisation, Innovation and Policy
    • Science and Politics in Controversies on Nature
    • Research- and Technology Policy
  • Roskilde University
    • E-government and E-democracy
  • Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg
    • The Politics of Knowledge: Assessing and Communicating Risk (IRIST/GERSULP)


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